Over 20 years of assisting ambitious companies in their international flows 

Tailor-made customs trainings  

Buzzwords versus daily practice

"EXA, CPC, special procedures, Incoterms, supplier declarations, HTS code, BTI, origin management, 'made in'-rules, transfer pricing and customs valuation, centralizedā€ƒ clearance, SPOC, BOI, EORI, AEO-S, AEO-C, green lane, etc..."
The above are not just meaningless buzzwords, they should be daily reality in your international organisation. A lack of knowledge can hold risks for your international expansion.  

Tailor-made, in-house trainings = 

  • more efficiency (time & costs) 
  • more interaction
  • better knowledge retention
  • better practical use of the knowledge
  • better understanding of the impact of diff. departments operations => increased commitment

Indications that your organisation is up for a customs training:

  • Double digit growth in the last years;
  • Lack of company specific export of import trainings in the last 3 years (AEO requirements!!);
  • Rapidly growing organization and learning expectations of existing staff;
  • Increased outsourcing of trade related matters (regain or increase control);  
  • Retirement of key persons or important changes to management functions within your organisation;
  • Repeated M&As within your group;
  • Increasing trade related questions from 3rd party service providers or customs;
  • Brexit exposing you to customs operations, whereas before you were only dealing with intra EU transactions

Make sure your organisation is up for the international challenge!!


In-take mtg included


As of EUR 300/per person for a full day seminar*


With certificate and re-usable didactic materials


Experienced tutor


In-House or external and catered 

*Conditions apply