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What is AEO?

Since 2008, all companies involved in import and export transactions can apply for the AEO-authorization. It is proof that the holder is a reliable partner in the international supply chain. This is of particular interest to the customs administration, which grant priority treatment and advantages, but also to your customers and suppliers, which sometimes impose their partners are recognised as a trustworthy, international business partners.


There are two types of authorizations:
1) AEO-C: AEO Customs simplifications
2) AEO-S: AEO Safety and security
The authorizations can also be combined.

Application and Renewal

Application for AEO requires an assessment to be completed and the set-up of written procedures for your customs related processes. These will be audited by customs prior to the issue of an AEO authorization.
Every 3 years there's a re-audit scheduled.
If the conditions for AEO are no longer met => suspension and ultimately revocation can take place!!

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Common pitfalls with AEO applications

"It's only a piece of paper"

"Mr. X will solely make sure we get AEO authorized by the end of the year. I will put it in his KPIs" => risk for burn-out is considerable!


"It's just answering the AEO questionnaire" 

"In over 15 years we didn't run into customs issues, it shouldn't be a big deal to acquire an AEO authorization"

"It's only 3 months of work and then we can lean back!"